beef chorizo breakfast tacos with eggs, salsa, cilantro, and cheese

Beef Chorizo Breakfast Tacos

Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, its versatile nature makes it a go-to ingredient for creating memorable meals. Whether you’re whipping up breakfast tacos or spicing up your favorite recipes, our Beef Chorizo promises to delight your taste buds with every bite.

lamb heart gyros with parsley, cucumber, tomato, and yogurt sauce

Grilled Lamb Heart Gyro-Style Wraps

Savor Mediterranean flavors with our Grilled Lamb Heart Gyro-Style Wraps. Tender lamb heart, marinated and grilled to perfection, is nestled in warm flatbreads and topped with fresh ingredients. Bursting with rich taste and vibrant textures, these wraps are a culinary delight for any occasion.

steak fajitas with salsa, spices, and flour tortillas

Savory Steak Fajitas

Elevate your fajita game with Rollingwood Farms Steak Strips! Tender, succulent slices of premium beef, marinated to perfection in a zesty blend of spices, make for an unforgettable Tex-Mex experience.

pulled pork tacos

Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork Tacos

Savor the deliciousness of Slow-Cooked Pulled Pork Tacos! When you choose pork from our farm, you’re in for a flavor-packed treat. Tender, tasty pork, spiced just right, nestled in warm tortillas and topped with all your favorite fixings. It’s a flavor fiesta you won’t want to miss!

juicy beef burger with greens, cheese, tomato, ketchup with a side of fries

Primal Beef Blend Burgers

Indulge in the ultimate burger experience with Primal Beef Blend hamburgers. Our carefully crafted blend of ground chuck, sirloin, and brisket delivers unparalleled richness and depth of flavor to every bite. Whether grilled to perfection or cooked on the stovetop, our premium beef blend guarantees juicy, mouthwatering burgers every time.

lemon herb roasted chicken thighs

Lemon-Herb Roasted Chicken Thighs

With each tender bite, savor the essence of pasture-raised goodness infused with lemon and aromatic herbs. This dish embodies freshness and zest, ensuring every mouthful is a burst of vibrant flavor.

Italian sausage sandwich with peppers and onions

Italian Sausage and Pepper Sandwiches

Savor the flavors of Italy with our Italian Sausage and Pepper Sandwiches. Grilled Italian sausage links are nestled in warm hoagie rolls with caramelized onions and bell peppers, creating a burst of savory goodness in every bite.

roasted leg of lamb

Roasted Lamb Shoulder

Sourced from our pristine pastures and meticulously prepared, our lamb shoulder boasts unparalleled quality, ensuring a dining experience like no other. Slow-roasted to perfection with a harmonious blend of aromatic herbs and spices, each succulent bite captivates the palate with its rich, savory goodness.

grilled ribeye steak

Grilled Ribeye Steak

Savor the perfection of our Grilled Ribeye Steak, featuring premium-quality beef. Each succulent bite delivers a rich, charred flavor that tantalizes the taste buds. Elevate your grilling experience with this hearty dish that promises unparalleled taste and tenderness.

pork coppa sandwiches with peppers, onion, and cheese

Pork Coppa Sandwich Recipe

Elevate your sandwich game with our succulent Pork Coppa Sandwiches. Crafted from premium pork coppa steaks, each slice boasts rich marbling and robust flavor, making for a satisfying and indulgent meal.

lamb liver stir fry with broccoli, peppers, onions

Lamb Liver Stir Fry

Whether served over a bed of fluffy rice or slurped with noodles, this stir-fry is a delightful departure from ordinary meals. Discover a new way to savor the indulgent taste of lamb liver with our mouthwatering Lamb Liver Stir-Fry, a dish sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more.

herb-roasted turkey breast

Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast

Treat yourself to the irresistible Herb-Roasted Turkey Breast, where each slice is infused with aromatic herbs. Made with superior-quality turkey, this dish promises a harmonious blend of flavors that delights with every bite. Experience the difference of a recipe crafted with care and attention to detail.

cube steaks in gravy

Cubed Steak Recipe

Experience the epitome of comfort cuisine with Rollingwood Farms Cubed Steak. Crafted from premium cuts of beef, expertly tenderized and cubed for optimal tenderness, each bite delivers a symphony of flavor. Whether simmered in a rich gravy or sizzling in a skillet, our cubed steak promises a hearty meal that satisfies every craving.