Our Founders

Farming Visionaries

Marty Snider and Phil Fredrich, the visionary founders of Rollingwood Farm, embarked on a personal journey driven by their mission to find locally and holistically managed, grass fed, non-GMO meat for their families. Faced with the challenge of sourcing such products in the Charlotte area, they realized that the existing options did not meet their high standards. Undeterred, they committed themselves to extensive study and planning, determined to create a solution. Thus, Rollingwood Farms was born.


Located in Denver, NC, Rollingwood Farms stands out for their sustainable and conscious farming practices. The Rollingwood team embraces rotational grazing techniques, allowing their animals, including beef, chicken, pork, and turkeys, to thrive in a natural environment. They firmly believed that understanding the origin and upbringing of their food was paramount. By knowing exactly where their food came from and how it was raised, they could ensure the highest quality and make informed choices for their families.

Inspired by the transformative impact their endeavor had on their own lives, Marty and Phil were motivated to extend the benefits to others. They recognized that everyone deserves to know where their food comes from and to have access to the best quality products. Thus, the vision of Rollingwood Farms expanded beyond their own households. The Rollingwood commitment to transparency and excellence became the cornerstone of their mission.


Rollingwood Farms is not just a farm; it is a testament to the belief that food should be sourced responsibly and with care. Through Marty and Phil’s unwavering dedication to providing locally raised, holistically managed, grass fed, non-GMO meat, they bring a sense of trust and connection to your table. When you taste the exceptional offerings from Rollingwood Farms, you experience not only the flavors of their meticulously crafted products, but also the love, care, and commitment that the Rollingwood team has poured into making this vision a reality.