Sewing Seeds of Sustainability, Harvesting the Future of Food

Food Miles

Cultivating Proximity and Purpose

Rollingwood Farms takes pride in its advantageous proximity to the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market, being the closest farm to the hub of local fresh produce. This geographical advantage allows us to boast the lowest food miles of any vendor, aligning perfectly with our commitment to sustainable farming practices. By minimizing the distance our products travel, we reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption associated with transportation. Our customers can have confidence that the food they purchase from Rollingwood Farms not only supports local agriculture but also contributes to a more sustainable food system. We are delighted to provide fresh, high-quality products while keeping environmental impact at the forefront of our operations.

wide shot of Rollingwood Farms
chickens foraging
The Rollingwood Difference

A Symphony Of Sustainable Practices

Devoted to quality, our commitment to sustainable farming is evident in our non-GMO and holistic approach. Pasture cultivation is free from harmful pesticides, allowing our animals to graze naturally and impart a unique flavor to our products. Sustainability guides our rotational grazing practices, prioritizing the well-being of our livestock and the health of our land.

Trust The Meat You Eat

Reliability In Every Bite

At Rollingwood Farms, we provide the freshest meats through holistically managed, non-GMO, and sustainable farming practices. Our rotational grazing methods ensure that animals access nutrient-rich pastures, resulting in healthier, tastier meat. By embracing traditional farming methods and rotational grazing, we honor the heritage of agriculture, offering a farm-to-fork experience that transcends time. The regenerative nature of our farming contributes to fewer carbon emissions compared to typical non-pasture farms, aligning with our commitment to fighting climate change.

Marty and Phil among the pigs