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Our cattle enjoy a constant diet of pasture grass and forage, enhanced with locally grown, certified non-GMO grains for a very limited time. This careful combination of grass-fed and grain-finishing, results in the perfect marbling that ensures a flavor sensation like no other.


Our chickens are raised in “Mobile Houses on Pasture,” which allows them to roam freely, eating grass and natural forage. We supplement their diet with locally grown, non-GMO grains.

chicken and rooster


Exclusive heritage breeds raised on rotational grazing which allows them to engage in natural behaviors like grazing, rooting, and foraging. We supplement their diet with locally grown, non-GMO grains.

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100% pasture-raised and grass-fed. We believe in allowing our lambs to roam freely and forage, allowing them to eat grass and forage using their natural instincts.

grass fed beef
Beyond Grass Fed

From Our Farm To Your Fork

Quality In Every Cut

Welcome to Rollingwood Farms. We’re farmer-owned and operated. We proudly embrace the timeless principles of regenerative farming, cultivating the land in harmony with nature, just as God intended. Our journey began with a simple, yet profound focus — to raise holistically managed, grass fed, non-GMO food for our families. That quest has now blossomed into a heartfelt desire to share our exceptional products with others. We firmly believe that everyone deserves to know where their food comes from and also have access to the highest quality meats possible. This commitment to transparency and excellence is what Rollingwood Farms delivers every day from our farm to your table.

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Rollingwood Farms
grass fed beef
grass fed beef

Locally Bred,
Locally Fed

Animal Welfare Is Of The Utmost Importance To Us

At Rollingwood Farms, our farm-to-fork difference lies in our local focus and sustainable farming practices. We take pride in delivering our meat exclusively to the Charlotte area, ensuring that our customers receive the freshest products with minimal transportation impact. Our commitment to non-GMO and sustainable farming is evident in our rotational grazing methods, which allow our animals to thrive and graze on nutrient-rich pastures. This dedication to sustainable practices translates into superior quality beef, chicken, and pork that surpasses expectations in taste and texture. By embracing these traditional farming methods, we honor the heritage of agriculture and provide a farm-to-fork experience reminiscent of a bygone era that your family will love.

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grass fed beef

Production Quality Monitoring

To Consistently Produce The Best Cuts Of Meats For You To Enjoy Cooking In Your Own Home, We Make You These Promises:

From start to finish, we uphold rigorous standards to ensure exceptional meat quality. Our meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment means we promise to deliver only the highest quality to your family.

Rotational Grazing

We practice regenerative ranching methods, including rotating our cattle often to ensure sustainability and better marbling, efficiency, and consistency in the meat.

Beyond Grass Fed

Our cattle are raised on pastures, even while we supplement them with locally raised grains for the last 90 days before harvest to enhance flavor.

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Come Say Hi

Visit Us At The Local Farmers Market

The simplicity of pasture-raised meats at Rollingwood Farms is right at your fingertips. Visit us at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market, located at 1801 Yorkmont Road, Charlotte, NC 28217. Immerse yourself in the rich flavors and exceptional quality of their carefully nurtured meats, raised on lush pastures. At Rollingwood Farms, every cut tells a story of ethical farming practices and a dedication to excellence.

Location: 1801 Yorkmont Road, Charlotte, NC 28217
Building: C
Booths: C21-C22
Pickup Time: Saturdays • 8a-12pm